Subject Progression – Cooking and Nutrition

Cooking and Nutrition – EYFS:

Children are beginning to develop a food vocabulary using taste, smell, texture and feel.  They are starting to think about the need for a variety of foods in a diet.

Cooking and Nutrition – Year 1:

Children are beginning to spread and grate soft ingredients like cheese and margarine and chop some firmer ingredients. The are beginning to understand that all food comes from plants or animals and are developing their peeling and chopping skills.

Cooking and Nutrition – Year 2:

Children are beginning to peel (using a peeler), chop food and mix with increasing thoroughness. they know that food has to be farmed, grown elsewhere (e.g. home) or caught. They understand how to name and sort foods into the five groups in ‘The Eat well plate.’

Cooking and Nutrition – Year 3:

Children can measure and weigh ingredients independently using scales and a measuring jug. They are beginning to know that food is grown (such as tomatoes, wheat and potatoes), reared (such as pigs, chickens and cattle) and caught (such as fish) in the UK, Europe and the wider world.

Cooking and Nutrition – Year 4:

Children are becoming increasingly skilled at peeling at chopping with an understanding that food is grown, reared and caught in the UK, Europe and the wider world and understand how to prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes safely and hygienically.  They are further developing their skills including mixing, kneading and baking.

Cooking and Nutrition – Year 5:

Children can grate, peel and chop with increasing accuracy. They understand that seasons may affect the food available and nuderstand how food is processed into ingredients that can be eaten or used in cooking.

Cooking and Nutrition – Year 6:

Using their knowledge and skills the children know how to prepare and cook a variety of dishes safely and hygienically.