Subject Progression – Design and Technology: Sewing

Sewing EYFS

Sewing – EYFS:

Safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques.

Sewing Year 1

Sewing – Year 1:

Assemble, join and combine materials and components together using a variety of temporary methods.

Sewing Year 2

Sewing – Year 2:

Cut, shape and join fabric. Use basic sewing techniques.

Sewing Year 3

Sewing – Year 3:

Measure, tape or pin, cut and join fabric with some accuracy.

Sewing Year 4

Sewing – Year 4:

Sew using a range of different stitches, weave and knit.

Sewing Year 5

Sewing – Year 5:

Cut and join with accuracy to ensure a good-quality finish to the product.

Sewing Year 6

Sewing – Year 6:

Pin, sew and stitch materials together create a product.